Dick Punnett's Children's Books

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The Coloring Story Books

These are entertaining stories that can be used as both coloring and reading books when purchased as paperbacks. The first three books are part of the Talk-Along series. The fourth book is part of the Double-Rhyme series. The remaining three books are in single-rhyme.

The Seven Coloring Story Books are:

Help Bruce Goose Fly South is a unique Talk-Along story coloring book about a small goose who is unable to fly South for the winter. So your child must tell Bruce what different forms of transportation to catch. Through rhyming verses, cues are provided for the guesses.

Let's Haunt a House is a fascinating Talk-Along story coloring book about two robbers. Your child must help scare them out of an old house by supplying missing rhyming words.

Help Mister Turkel Change His Shape is a clever Talk-Along story coloring book about a space man who visits Earth. The people are not courteous to him; so your child must help him change into various shapes to hide. The shapes are prompted by rhyming verses.

Our Duck, Jack Quack, is an amusing Double-Rhyme coloring book about a little duck who joins a family. But their dog, Black Mack, is jealous of the new family pet. After the dog was accused of wrong-doing, Jack Quack proves the dog was innocent, and they become great friends.

Freddy the Feet is an engaging story coloring book in rhyme about a boy born with big feet. He does not fit in with the other kids in the school until he succeeds as the kicker in a football game.

My Magic Ball of Fur is a fanciful coloring story book in rhyme about a little girl who finds a ball of fur that keeps changing into different animals. This story has a surprise ending

Tim Buck-Too is a unique story coloring book about a boy raised in a zoo, and all his friends are the zoo animals. Tim and his friends help put out a school fire to the relief of the Mayor and townsfolk. The story is in rhyming verses.