Dick Punnett's Children's Books

Written for Participation and Enjoyment

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Double-Rhyme Books

Double-Rhyme Stories that teases the tongue and tickles the ears. Both the reader and the child are entertained by engaging stories that are in an enchanting format.

The Four Books are:

Our Brat Cat is an amusing story about a very mischievous cat. As the story unfolds, the cat earns the respect of the family by ridding the household of a pest.

Peek-a-Boo Sue is a cute story about a baby kangaroo. Because of the intertaining peek-a-boo antics in her pouch, the baby is quickly named Peek-a-Boo Sue and thrills on-lookers.

Does Anyone Have A Spare Bear? is an engaging story about a lonely bear. Through the efforts of a little boy, a mate is found for the bear; so now they are a “happy pair there.”

Our Duck, Jack Quack, is an amusing story in rhyme about a little duck who joins a family. Their dog, Black Mack, is jealous of the new pet. After the dog was accused of wrong-doing, Jack Quack proves the dog was innocent, and they become great friends..