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Talk-Along Books

These educational stories are interactive and require interplay between the reader and your child who must supply the missing word which rhymes with the preceding line. Vocabulary development, spelling, auditory discrimination and attention to visual cues are stressed. In the Talk-Along series, each book teaches a different concept, such as counting, adding, colors, shapes, pets, active words, transportation, and anatomy.

The Eight Talk-Along Books Are:

Name Lizzy’s Colors is a clever book about a lizard oblivious of her surroundings. Based on rhyming cues your child is asked to protect Lizzy from danger by telling her when to change her color.

Count The Possums is a charming story about a mother possum who loses all her babies in a hurricane. Because she can't count, your child must help count in her stead -- until she finds all her babies.

Help Jumbo Escape is an engaging story about a baby elephant who is separated from his mother. Based on cues from rhyming verses, your child must tell Jumbo what to do through various adventures until he is safely back with his mother.

Help Dress Priscilla is a delightful story about helping a mother gorilla escape from her captor who is taking her to a zoo. Based on cues from rhyming verses, your child must tell Priscilla what to wear so she can disguise herself and get safely back to the jungle and her babies.

Name Patty’s Pets is an amusing story in which your child must help Patty identify the pet she has found by supplying the missing rhyming words.

Help Bruce Goose Fly South is a delightful story about a small goose who can't fly South for the winter. So your child must tell Bruce what forms of transportation to catch by supplying the missing rhyming words.

Let's Haunt a House is a captivating story about two robbers.  Your child must help scare them out of an old house by supplying the missing rhyming words.

Help Mister Turkel Change His Shape is a fanciful story about a space man who visits Earth. The people are not courteous to him; so your child must help him change his shape to hide. The various shapes are prompted by rhyming verses.